Experience of Estonia

Article Title: The diffusion of internet voting. Usage patterns of internet voting in Estonia between 2005 and 2015

Authors: Vassil, Solvak, Vinkel, Trechsel, Alvarez

Personal Evaluation: This is a really important article for our project. Internet voting is not an abstract idea. It is used in Estonia since 2005. This paper investigates 8 elections in between 2005 and 2015 in Estonia. These 8 elections are local, national and european. The authors do not focus on only one election. With basing on Rogers(2003) idea of innovation, they research if really internet voting brings what it promises. The authors research if are there any conditions which makes internet voting more reachable for some people than others. It is found that after 3 elections the factors which separates people about adoption of internet voting, disappears gradually. In 2005 only 2 % of votes were from internet, but by the time 2015 this grew to the 30%. Adoption and turnout for internet voting is not something that happens in one night. Estonia experience shows to us that internet voting should be a long term plan. States should not turn their back to internet voting with one bad experience. They should give time for more people to participate in it when they realize benefits and easiness of its use.

My notes:

local national european

total 8 elections

importance of experience

slightly similar  systmes, first through web then through an application

estonia is already digitally developed. forexample every citizen should have electronic id-card which is compulsory for all estonian citizens


diffusion of innovations

innovation decision process

-gaining knowledge of technology

-being convinced to its usefulness

-finally implementing


first adopters to technological laggards

with time age difference flattens gradually

In first elections ethnicity/language was also a differentiating factor. This could be important for countries like Turkey where there are many minorities and many mother languages. Ethnicity effect also disappears with time.

Technical capability did not lose its differentiating power.

Trust was also important factor, but with time it lost its power.
Education, gender, income, left-right self position did not have any strong relations.


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