Voters reaching information through internet

Article Title: E-government in Alabama: An analysis of county voting and election website content, usability, accessibility, and mobile readiness

Authors: Bridgett A.King,Norman E. Youngblood

Personal Evaluation: This paper is not directly related to our topic of online voting or e-voting. Instead this article focus on the available information on governmental websites for voters. This paper research, if the available information on governmental websites is useful, accessible or mobile ready. This would be partly our concern also when we focus online voting. Even though this research focus on traditional voting, the availability and accessibility of information for online voting is also important. When we are focusing on turnout and privacy, we should also keep in mind that how citizens from many different backgrounds and technical knowledge firstly not under the threat of be hacked. Also states have to make sure that citizens are reaching for necessary information to make rational choices in elections, because that is an important necessity for a democracy that can function. For these two things, before citizens are voting, they should reach and understand necessary information and technical knowledge before voting online.


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