A “Perfect” Internet Voting System

There was a Chapter about Privacy in E-Voting   in CS577 Data Privacy course’s  slides.

I had a look at the chapter and found the following information useful for our presentation and essay.

A “Perfect” Internet Voting System Guarantees:

Privacy – Votes cannot be linked to voters – Voters can vote anonymously

Receipt-freeness – Voter cannot gain any information (a receipt) which can be used to prove to a coercer that he voted in a certain way

Coercion-Resistance – Voter cannot cooperate with a coercer to prove to him that he voted in a certain way – No vote buying

Correctness – Only eligible voters can vote – Nobody can vote more than once – Submitted votes cannot be altered – All valid votes are counted

Fairness – No partial results are revealed

Verifiability – Correctness can be publicly verified (by anyone)

There are more than 6 specialized international conferences

  • VoteID
  • SecVote
  • Swiss E-Voting Workshop



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