the 19th century voting machines

Especially at the end of 19th century and early 20th century was witnessed a lot of inventions regarding voting machines. Most of these machines are not even used in any elections and stayed as prototypes. Some of these attempts are at below.

Chamberlin’s “Apparatus for Recording Votes at Elections”,1848

Baranowski’s “Scrutateur Mécanique”, 1849

Monaghan’s “Mode of taking yeas and nays in legislative bodies”,1848

Siemens’ “Abstimmtelegraph”, 1856

Edison’s “Vote Recorder”, 1869

Mayrhofer’s “Pneumatischer Abstimmungs-Apparat”, 1877

Odhner’s “Ballotierapparat”, 1902

Boggiano’s “Psephograph”, 1905


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