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A Three Ballot Based Secure E-Voting

Personal Notes:

Santin, Costa and Maziero have proposed a new model for secure e-voting implementation. This article have been cited by many others and it is published on IEEE Security & Privacy. Their method  guarantees confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and anonimity. It also prevents coercions. Following diagram shows how the system is implemented.


Santin, A. O., Costa, R. G., & Maziero, C. A. (2008). A Three-Ballot-Based Secure Electronic Voting System. IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, 6(3), 14-21. doi:10.1109/msp.2008.56

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How Coercion Resistance is Implemented in E-Voting


As we discussed before, there are crucial requirements of e-voting systems which are privacy, receipt freeness and coercion resistance. The most difficult requirement is coercion resistance as it also guarentees privacy and receipt freeness. There are several papers which suggest methods for these requirements. In the following paper, Lee, Boyd et al.  have proposed a method for receipt freeness in mixnet based voting protocols.

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A “Perfect” Internet Voting System

There was a Chapter about Privacy in E-Voting   in CS577 Data Privacy course’s  slides.

I had a look at the chapter and found the following information useful for our presentation and essay.

A “Perfect” Internet Voting System Guarantees:

Privacy – Votes cannot be linked to voters – Voters can vote anonymously

Receipt-freeness – Voter cannot gain any information (a receipt) which can be used to prove to a coercer that he voted in a certain way

Coercion-Resistance – Voter cannot cooperate with a coercer to prove to him that he voted in a certain way – No vote buying

Correctness – Only eligible voters can vote – Nobody can vote more than once – Submitted votes cannot be altered – All valid votes are counted

Fairness – No partial results are revealed

Verifiability – Correctness can be publicly verified (by anyone)

There are more than 6 specialized international conferences

  • VoteID
  • SecVote
  • Swiss E-Voting Workshop